About Plumline



Plumline is a support center for anyone wishing to find, establish, build and maintain an online sangha in the Plum Village tradition. If you aren't able to join a local sangha or start one up, we invite you to consider an online one.

We meet in a variety of languages and in several time zones. Some of our sanghas meet for silent meditation practice, others to study the dharma reviewing certain texts, audio or videos of dharma talks. Several sanghas recite the Mindfulness Trainings monthly. All sanghas meet live and practice in the Plum Village tradition. We can help find the right one for you. If we can’t find a sangha that suits your needs we’ll happily help you start a new one. It might be a lot easier than you think.

We encourage online practitioners to look for ways of having some in-person practice experience, such as attending retreats and visiting local sanghas when possible.


Brief History

Plumline was set up by Elaine Sparrow in 2006 as "a support center for those wishing to establish, build and maintain an online sangha. A place to share ideas and resources as online sangha develops." Alipasha Razzaghipour joined Plumline in 2012 and helped expand the number of supported communities beyond the initial 2 text based sanghas. In 2017 Michael Donenfeld helped establish the Plumline Facilitators Sangha, strengthening and accelerating Plumline's development. Elaine, Alipasha and Mike are core members of the Order of Interbeing.

See Sangha Dot Com and Together Online, articles published in the Mindfulness Bell, for further background on Plumline.