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Finding Your True Voice at Home, Work, and in Community

Finding Your True Voice at Home, Work, and in Community: Speaking Out Against Social Injustice with Deep Listening and Loving Speech

Kaira Jewel Lingo, Mindfulness Teacher and Spiritual Mentor
Hosted by Waving Grass Online Sangha

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Early in a 2017 edition of The Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation newsletter, Kaira Jewel wrote, “Now we are all facing a time of great division and destruction. We see walls and bans and gulfs widening everywhere we look.”

Now, almost a year-and-a-half later, many of us find ourselves faced with challenges in almost every sphere of life, from the family dinner table, to the water cooler at work, to the sports field; wherever we are in community.  

Some of us may have personally felt the sting of racial prejudice and the rise of social unease, or we may have tried to ease the suffering of someone close to us who has become a target of bigotry or intolerance.

Right now, some of us might feel despair, or rage, or even overwhelmed into a kind of numbness. With the news in a never-ending-head-turning spin, we might like to close our eyes and turn away from what we may feel powerless to change.

But, in her essay, Kaira Jewel also reminds us that because we are lucky enough to have such a wonderful Teacher, coupled with the Teachings of our 2,600-year-old Tradition, the embrace of our Sangha, and most especially, our own everyday practice, "We were made for these times.”  And in our hearts we know we have the right tools to help us rise to today’s challenge.

In her Teaching on November 11th, Kaira Jewel will help us hone our Deep Listening and Loving Speech skills so that, no matter how tired, or worn, or discouraged at times we may become, we’ll remember to return to the refuge of the Eight-Fold-Path; Right Thinking, Right Speech, Right Action.  

Jewel’s life and Teachings are inspiring examples that can help us discern those moments when we should pause, come back to ourselves and find support in the Sangha; the beloved community in which we are nourished and made fresh by the diligent practice of those around us.

We hope you will join us for this special and timely online event.

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There will be opportunity for practitioners to ask Jewel questions via chat. However, due to limits set by time, you might like to take a few quiet moments beforehand to compose your heartfelt question in advance. With pre-event inquires, she might be better able to address broader issues for the benefit of all during her talk.

You are free to ask your advance question anytime between now and midnight, Eastern Time USA October 31, 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event will take place on the Zoom Conferencing Application.To ensure the best audio/visual experience possible, we strongly encourage participants to download and install the Zoom App on your device prior to the meeting.  If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, you will find their webpage filled with clear and easy-to-follow download and installation instructions including Video Tutorials and Tech Support Help Center.